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    UVElite is here

    We are now taking enquiries for the all new UVElite floor finish application. We are the first UK Floor Sanding Restoration Company to adopt the use of this unique system. UVElite allows our technicians to sand wood floors apply one of the toughest Ceramic Fortified 1 component Polyurethane Based  finish, then using our unique UV Curing System, we instantly Cure the finish ready for the heaviest of uses.

    We are taking many bookings from the hospitality industry, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and office buildings, where managers know that the floors need restoring, but do not want to loose the business and revenue traditionally associated with Re-Fit Closures.

    Floor Sanding Restoration, the first company in the UK to adopt and use the UVElite system can now offer our customers a solution to floor restoration needs, we can start work when the business closes for the evening and then, we will have the building ready for business the following morning, guaranteeing that no closure of the business takes place.

    Furniture and logistics need not be a problem, Floor Sanding Restoration – UVElite Technicians are fully trained in this area, we can restore your complex over a few evenings, we can do certain sections each evening and by the end of the project the entire floor will have been restored with no disruption to our customers.

    Contact floor Sanding Restoration using the contact form on our website and take the first steps to restoring your floors.