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    Bank Restaurant Birmingham benefits from UVElite Floor Curing System


    One of the busiest restaurants in Birmingham; Bank Restaurant. Brindley Place in the heart of Birmingham.

    During a recent refurbishment project, The Customer only had limited hours when the last customers left Bank Restaurant to Sand and Restore the floors. Typically there was an 8 hour window to sand and restore 360M2 of Oak Flooring. where most companies would shy away at the task, Floor Sanding Restoration was called in to solve the problem. Using a combination of Ceramic Fortified Finishes and UV Finishes we was able to sand sections of the Restaurant each evening and have it fully Cured before opening the following morning.

    Most evenings we was given access between 1.30 and 3.30am we then had to have the floors fully sanded, 4 coats of finish applied and cured using UV Light. then the tables had to be set out and the Restaurant ready to trade at 11am.

    Curing the floor