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    Gym & Sports Hall Floor Sanding & Restorations

    Here at Flooring Sanding Specialists, Gym and Sports Hall restorations are our specialty. Whether you’re a school with sports hall or a local gym with a tired wood floor; we offer two services to both restore and protect your floor. Choose from our ‘Screen & Re-Seal’ service for a fast, non-intrusive restoration or our more intensive full restoration and sanding services. We also offer the highest quality in Line Marking & Graphics that can be undertaken during the restoration.

    Fast, non-intrusive Maintenance

    Our Screen & Re-Seal restoration service helps to ensure that the seal doesn’t become worn through, as a wood floor that is periodically screened and re-sealed will have a long lifespan with only light maintenance required between services.

    The screening process is a light floor sanding which keys the surface of the existing seal and removes light scratches before the seal is reapplied.

    This offers a fast and non-intrusive method of maintenance and ensures the wood is protected at all times. Floor Sanding Specialists use only the best wood finishing products available, and offer advice on the most effective seal or oil for your wood floor to ensure you have a beautiful, long lasting finish.

    Full Sports Floor Restorations

    If your wood floor is badly scratched or the seal has worn through, it may require our complete restoration process. Our full Sports Hall/Gym floor restoration begins by initially repairing sections as required.

    Next the wood is sanded through up to ten grades, each getting progressively finer until a final seal is applied.

    Floor Sanding Specialists use the latest in sanding equipment, which has 98% filtration system fitted, ensuring minimal site disruption and almost no dust. Using this method even badly worn and damaged floors can be restored to an impressive standard.