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    Maintenance of Timber Floors

    Effective maintenance can ensure that the beauty of your wooden floor and the quality of the workmanship is maintained for as long as possible. A well-maintained floor will avoid unnecessary deterioration of the finish and, ultimately, the wood itself. Our new Maintenance Advice page below provides our recommended maintenance treatments, Bona products, FAQs and also our latest articles and downloads. If you have a question about looking after your floor, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comments at the bottom of this page, or via our contact form.

    Initial Maintenance

    In order to minimise damage to your floor surface, created by dirt, abrasive material and moisture, fit entrance areas with dirt control matting. Tables, chairs, and other moveable items of furniture, should be fitted with suitable felt furniture protectors, which will reduce damage to the floor surface. The laying of rugs and the implementation of the cleaning programme should only commence once the finish has fully cured.

    It is important that the curing time of the finish used is completed before implementing the above.

    Maintenance for commercial floors

    Floors must be swept and vacuumed to remove dust and dirt. We recommend the use of a flat mopping system to clean the floor and to remove dust and grit from the floor.

    • Daily maintenance
      V-Sweep the whole area every morning with Bona Cleaner sprayed onto the V-Sweep diluted 1:4. Spot mop dirty areas or spillages with Bona Cleaner diluted 100ml/10 Litres of Water.
    • Weekly Maintenance
      Mop whole area with Bona Cleaner dilute 100ml/10Lts Water, let dry for 10 minutes then buff with red pad on buffer.

    Entrance matting should also be cleaned and vacuumed regularly.  The use of sweeping compounds should be avoided. It is very important that all efforts are made to remove abrasive material to minimise scratching and premature wear of the finish.

    Periodic Maintenance:

    Due to the extremely heavy use the floors are subjected to, it is advised that the condition of the finish be monitored approximately every three months.  When it proves necessary to do so, apply contact Floor Sanding Specialists for further advise.

    Please Note

    • After the final coat of finish has been applied, it must be left to cure for a minimum period of 72Hrs
    • It is important that the curing time of the finish used is completed before implementing our initial maintenance advice.
    • Despite regular maintenance, after a period of time your floor will require refinishing in order to restore it to original appearance and offer further protection to the wood.  At this time, please seek advice by contacting our Head Office on 01925 819189.  Alternatively, seek advice from your local wood floor refurbishment specialist.
    • Should it prove desirable, a ‘custom made’ maintenance plan can be created for individual floors. Please contact our office for details.