Restore or replace your wood floor

Flooring takes a lot of abuse over time. The increased wear and tear can become evident. Hardwood floors become stained, worn, chipped, dull and lifeless. When your flooring begins to look worn,  it’s time to make the decision to restore it back to its natural beauty, or completely replace it. Here are some factors to consider when making the decision:


Price is the first obvious factor to consider. It’s almost always going to be cheaper to restore your flooring rather than replace it. When replacing flooring you must consider not only the cost of the new floor, but the cost of the installation. You can reduce much of this cost by installing a wooden floor yourself. However that requires specialist knowledge and a great eye for detail. Getting the professionals in to restore your floor will be the inexpensive solution.


If your only goal is to brighten up your floors, revive them back to their natural condition, then consider restoring it. However, if you wish to change aspects of the flooring or the consistency of the materials, you will need to invest in a full replacement. Restoration is the ideal solution to restore it, If you are wanting a different colour or timber look, then this is possible with restoration.


Both options can take a considerable amount of time. Refinishing can be a meticulous process that can take up to a few days during which the floors surface must remain completely untouched. However, replacement on the other hand can also take a considerable amount of time, if not done in one sweep it can leave you with half a floor at the end of the day.


The age of your floor may also play a big role in the decision. If your floor is considerably old – over 100 years, it may resist refurbishing for several reasons; one may be, that it has already been restored several times before, so restoring your floor again may have very little effect. However this is generally only the case with really old floors.

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