School Floor Maintenance is an everyday part of the school cleaning regime. from buffing, stripping and sealing and recoating, we are finding more and more that school site staff do not have the time to maintain the floors like they used to do. This is more due to the fact that school halls are more and more in use for after school curriculum activities.

There is an answer to the problem.

We are now restoring more and more school floors with the aim of minimising the site staff`s role in the maintenance of the floor. With new technology and floor finishes available for School floors, this means that their is less and less maintenance needed on a day to day basis.

School floors no longer need to have weeks in the summer spent stripping and sealing the floors. This frees up valuable site staff  time and resources to undertake other tasks in the school.

Once a floor is restored and finished with the latest floor finish technology, the most important maintenance that needs to be done is Preventive Maintenance, these are tasks like;

Chair Feet – chairs with feet missing are a big cause of damage to school floors, the metal tubes in older chairs and tables need inspecting and changing regularly, they are widely available on the internet, just type in “school chair feet” in google and many companies will appear, all you need to do is measure the size you need.

Pianos – This is a school Floors Pet hate, older pianos have small brass wheels, that over time become worn and scrape the floor, changing the wheels for newer types will not only make the piano easier to move, but save extensive wear and tear on the floor.

Over Mopping the floor – All timber, no matter how well sealed will develop small gaps down the edge of the timber, this is a moisture trap, once water seeps into the gaps, then the bare timber on the side faces will absorb the moisture and expand the wood. this will eventually cause warping of the timber.

Please remember lift, do not drag, if  a table is to heavy to lift on your own then ask for help. A timber school floor is an expensive item, and with good care and maintenance will last decades.

I hope you find this information useful, should you require any advice or a free site survey, please contact us. We are here to help.