DIY floor sanding is an option, but it is a time-consuming task and requires a certain amount of expertise. If you remove too little, the refinishing will look a little untidy; and if you sand away too much, it will reduce the thickness of the wood. Hence, a person needs to be precise while carrying out DIY floor sanding. Just 1/8 inch of the wood should be removed, and only a floor that has a minimum thickness of ½ inch can be sanded.

Safety Precautions

People attempting DIY floor sanding should take all safety precautions, such as putting on the safety goggles, gloves and mask, to prevent inhalation of the wood dust.


Sanding can be done by hand, which will be very time consuming, or it can be done using special sanding machines. This would require hiring the right machine to get the job done quickly. Even sanding machines are of different types: drum type and disc type. With the drum sander, the sandpaper has to be mounted onto a cylindrical drum. With the disc version, the sandpaper is mounted on to a circular disc. Both types have their pros and cons, and understanding them will allow a person to choose the right sanding machine.


Sandpaper should be chosen based on the size of the grits. Coarse grits work quicker, but the scratches left behind can be visible. Fine grits take longer to sand the floor, but the scratches left behind are not visible to the naked eye.

Other Tips and Tricks

It is important to sand the floor along the grain of the wood to ensure that the scratches are not visible. Sanding cannot or should not be rushed; it requires time, commitment and patience. Before sanding, the floor should be cleaned with a broom to remove all traces of dirt, dust and other debris.

Coarse sandpaper is perfect to start the job and get rid of any imperfections, stains and roughness and to level the floor. After, use a finer sandpaper to remove the visible scratches.

Hiring a Professional

Floor sanding is difficult and not a DIY project for a person who has never done it before or has no knowledge of it. It is best to hire a professional to do the job for you. You can rely on us here at Floor Sanding Restoration, to sand any type of wooden floor, be it in a commercial or residential setting. Not only are our services affordable, we also have highly skilled and trained personnel to carry out quality floor sanding at your home or business premises.

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