With spring upon us and the summer term to come, this is your best chance to transform your sports hall. During the winter months the pupils would have had to use the sports hall for P.E lessons but now that the sun is shining, it’s time for them to enjoy the great outdoors. This gives you the chance to reinvigorate your worn out wooden floor. A gleaming sports hall can boost your school environment and make a good impression on potential visitors. You might think that this process won’t fit into your budget but at Floor Sanding Restoration we pride ourselves on being affordable and doing the best job possible.

How Does The Process Work?

Floor Restoration for sports halls begin with an initial assessment of the surface. We will see if sections need repairing and what kind of restoration needs to take place. If a full service is needed then we will repair sections of the floor as required and then move on to sanding. The wood is sanded through up to ten grades, each getting progressively finer until a final seal is applied when ready.

We make sure that minimal disruption is caused on site and we use the latest sanding equipment to ensure no harmful dust is created. Even if you think your floor is damaged beyond repair, we will restore the hall to an impressive standard. We have worked on many schools and you can view some of our work here.

Why Should We Restore Our Sports Hall?

Floor Sanding Specialists will give your sports hall a new lease of life for the remainder of the year. If your sports hall is badly damaged and pupils are still participating in activities, unnecessary injury could be caused.

At Floor Sanding Restoration we provide a full range approach to keeping your flooring in tip top condition. If you would like any more information regarding our services contact us today on 0800 9777 100