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    Floor sanding Restoration Ltd is issuing a challenge to any facility in the country that has old Lino, Linoleum, or LVT Flooring in its building that is looking old tired and you are looking to replace the floor with new.

    Floor Sanding Restoration are the Nations leading UVELITE Restoration Company, we have successfully restored 100% of the floors that we have done to date and many floors that were either condemned or down for replacement by the facilities managers before we waved our magic wand.

    We can take your Resilient floors. deep clean and cut back and apply UVELITE Resilient floor coatings, instantly cure with a UV Light System and your floor is back in business.

    Furthermore we guarantee for a period of at least 3 years that your floors will not need re-coating. Your staff will never strip and seal them again, all they will do is clean and maintain them.

    Think of the cost saving.

    1. Up to 75% cheaper than replacing your floors with new floors

    2. The savings you will make in the next 3-5 years in stripping and sealing them.

    3. The savings in the next 3-5 years in NOT having to buy polish, stripper, pads, labour costs.

    4. And the biggest benefit……………… The most ECO Friendly and the lowest VOC Product on the market today, and that is anywhere in the world.

    Imagine, no more stripping and sealing floors, no more dangerous chemicals, no more harmful products inhaled by your staff. No more risk to your staff and sites, we take all that away from you, and far cheaper than employing your own staff to do the job.

    So put Floor Sanding Restoration to the Challenge. We will come out do a sample area free of charge and show you how we can save you money.

    what have you to lose by NOT giving Floor Sanding Restoration a go………………. Money of Course

    contact [email protected] and we can arrange you free demo