If you are planning on revamping your home and replacing your floors you may be considering whether to have a new carpet laid or invest in a wooden floor. The selection process of what floor to choose can often be daunting at times so it’s essential you make the right decision. Many people are now choosing wooden flooring because it better suits the needs of their home and lifestyle, so we’ve put together some of the benefits for you.


Wooden flooring is very easy to maintain and keep hygienic. Carpets hold dust and debris which encourages little creatures to lay their eggs which in turn cause allergies like asthma.  Therefore making it much more hygienic particularly if you have small children, by using some specialist products you can keep it looking in tip top condition.


Oak flooring  is exceptionally durable due to its resistance to wear so can last from 20 years to 100 years if it is well maintained, making it much more cost effective in the long run.

Added value

As well as being cost effective wooden flooring can add value to any home. It gives the illusion of space, elegance and sophistication if it’s well looked after. Wooden flooring is very sought after so if you are revamping your home for now but may be moving in the future then having wooden flooring in your home will increase your homes worth and can actually make it sell quicker.


Wooden flooring can add an air of sophistication and warmth to any house. Wooden flooring compliments the décor of any home, so whether you have chosen a traditional look for your home or you’ve gone for the modern look, wooden flooring will suit any style and will never go out of fashion.

Here at Floor Sanding Restoration we are here to make your renovation project a success. As well as fitting your new flooring we can help you decide what flooring will suit your home by obtaining samples from our local suppliers so you can see the range on offer. For more information about our service please call us today on: 0800 9777 100 or contact us.